Pinoy Bugtong

Pinoy Bugtong (Riddles) is a quiz guessing game of popular Tagalog puzzles.

4 pics Tagalog

4 pics, 1 Word is a puzzle game that tests your knowledge about Tagalog Words

Inspiration Quotes

Get inspired by these beautiful quotes collected and & created by our designers.

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo is a popular puzzle game in Philippines. answer with YES, NO, MAYBE

Pamahiin ni Lola (Old Beliefs

Pamahiin ni Lola is an app where you can read about popular Tagalog OLD Beliefs

English Alphabet

English Alphabet teaches your babies or kids about the letters with sounds.

Animals Quiz

Animals Quiz is a game where in you need to guess what animal it is using 4 pics of animals

World Flags Quiz & Infos

World Flags is an educational game about guessing country based on flags

Philippines Logo Quiz

Philippines Logo Quiz is a game that tests how much you know about the companies, brands and their logos.

2 Pics, 1 Word game

2 Pics, 1 Word is a puzzle game which makes you think about compound words

IELTS Prepare

Compilation of videos to help you prepare and study for your IELTS examination.

Word Twist Game

Puzzle game that challenges your vocabulary, guess the english words.

Tagalog Jokes

Read Tagalog Jokes that are so Funny! Lots of laughter! Only for Filipinos :)


Compilation of Tongue Twisters that can help you improve your Speaking skills.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown counts the remaining number of days, minutes, and seconds!

Philippines Presidents Quiz

Philippines Presidents Quiz is an app that test how well you know our presidents

Baby Shapes

Baby shapes teaches your babies or kids about the different shapes with sounds.


Huge collection of Music Videos with lyrics so you can sing along with the music

Baby Numbers

Baby numbers teaches your babies or kids about the numbers with sounds.

U.S. Presidents Quiz & Infos

US Presidents Quiz is an app that test how well you know american presidents.